Thursday, April 19, 2018

Happenings from Portsoy Woods

                         Although the family in Portsoy Woods are, in fact, a fictional family, their home actually exists in Virginia.  This week, the area in which they live, Amherst County, Virginia experienced an EF 3 tornado.  The tornado took a twenty mile path along two counties and packed 130 mph winds.
                           Strangely, the night I heard this, my first thought was, "Is the family and all their pets okay?"    Yes, the characters are real for me too.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Looking for a New Copy of Portsoy Woods ?

                Yesterday, I got an e-mail asking me why Amazon says that Portsoy Woods is out of stock and that one can order it and it will arrive as soon as they get it.  I have absolutely no earthly idea why they wouldn't have immediately available copies especially as the Christmas season gears up.  I do know however, that you can get copies in these other ways, while Amazon corrects their little problem.

This website ALWAYS has it:

Barnes and Noble has it:

There are always electronic copies available.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Questions on Portsoy Woods

                Periodically, I try to make time to answer some of the questions I have been asked about each book. Since Portsoy Woods, is my first novel, and my most recent release, this is the book which is generating the most questions at the moment.

How long does it take you to write a book?

For me, that depends entirely on the project itself.  A book can move quickly if a great deal of the planning and research is completed or if I have been mentally working on the project for a long time, or have made other earlier attempts at writing that particular book, framed as another project.  My books have taken between about three months full-time, to about a year, while working on other things.  Each project really is unique. Also since I write a broad range of things, first a guide to disaster preparedness, then a book which tells the story of the life of my youngest son, then a novel such as Portsoy Woods, then each project flexes different muscles and requires different amounts of time spent in different types of efforts.

When will your next book be available ? 

My next book should be available in November, 2017.  It is an historical biography in which much of it takes place in the nineteen-forties and beyond. It is an historically accurate piece and therefore took a great deal of concentration and research. 

Why do you write in different genres ? 

For years with a young family, I wrote what the magazine or publication needed, and so I practiced writing different types of projects. I have often joked, that I will write whatever "they pay me to do" within reason.   With books, I think I write the stories which I think need to be told, or need to be said. I don't think much about the genre, until the project is finished.

What do you like least about writing books ? 

I was surprised by this, but I don't much enjoy the promotion of books after each book is written.  Once one agonizes to write, then does revisions, edits and re-edits then I don't much want to discuss it for awhile. Unfortunately, right before and after release are the most important times in which the author must discuss and promote  the book !  It's an evolution and I will simply need to learn. Life does consist of opportunities to learn to do things that you would rather pass on, sometimes.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Taking a Breather

                        The characters from Portsoy Woods have all gone on with their lives, oblivious to the fact that the book is finished, and it out and about in the world.  
  Which characters were your favorites ?   Who do you wonder about ?

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year to the Readers of Portsoy Woods

                  Thanks so much to those of you who are reading or who have read my newest book,  Portsoy Woods.  I send additional thanks to those who have posted a review on Amazon, Books a Million or other sites online. It really does help in bringing other readers to the book.

                  Thanks also to the readers who found the book through Facebook.

                   It is my hope that not only readers are entertained by the travels, activities, challenges and relational stories within Portsoy Woods, but that they will come away from the book having learned a few things about preparedness and with thoughts as to how to avoid some of the challenges natural and man-made disasters can cause for us and for our families.

                   Just like the families in Portsoy Woods, we all need to learn enough about general preparedness in order to keep our families safe.

                    Happy New Year everyone !

Friday, November 25, 2016

More News

  I am really pleased to announce that electronic versions of my new book "Portsoy Woods" are now available for purchase at the following fine booksellers:

Amazon Store URL -

BN Store URL -

Apple Store URL -

Kobo Store URL -

Of course, excellent quality paperback versions will always be available:

Happy Holidays to all !

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Cycles and Seasons of Being an Author


         I think the most exciting time as an author, is the time in which a book has been newly released. Most of us have worked hard to create a story, crafted telling that story and then worked for a couple of seasons in honing and revising that story. It can be tedious work.  Then, as it readies for market, it is time to hire someone to create a book cover. This is also important work as I always want a fair measure of input here because I realize that many times, the books I read drew me to them with their cover. There is also the matter of an author picture which should always be freshly taken for the back of your book.
                 After submittal, acceptance, any final revisions, etc. the book readies for release. This is the most exciting time for me. My favorite moment of being an author, is the moment in which I hold and page through the first copy of the new book that I have seen. Often this is sent to you by the publisher, but occasionally depending upon the publisher, it is not. Then, you might have to purchase one yourself. I liked opening and seeing exactly what the purchasers of my book would see.

                The next part does not thrill me, but it's extremely important. Authors need to promote their books in a myriad of ways. There are radio interviews, book signings, television interviews if you can get them, and bringing your book to the attention of the public in creative ways.  I don't enjoy this part terribly, but I understand its importance and I am committed to a certain amount of this type of work.  I am enjoying however, that with each day since the release of this book, it appears in more and more places over the Earth. First, it appeared on Amazon. Then Barnes and Noble online. Then Books-a-Million had it.  Bit by bit this book will find its way to book sellers, particularly those online, all over the world. This is very exciting.

                Of course, there is no time to rest on one's laurels, if there are any. A new book must begin. It must be outlined. People may need to be interviewed. Research must be done. Permission for pictures needs to be obtained, should you decide to use those pictures in the book. It could take a year or two for a new work to even near completion.

               And so, this is where I am. I am promoting my third book, and  first novel, which I feel is an important book.  I am in the early creation stage of a new one, although the vision for the new one is clear. Snippets of books which will follow call to me sometimes. If I am smart, I will write those thoughts down now. Managing all these seasons of creating books is not easy. Wish me luck !