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   My fourth book, an historical biography will be available in November, 2017

This is not the bookcover, which remains in process.     Lawrence DeWolfe Kelsey,  All Rights Reserved.


   Lawrence DeWolfe Kelsey:  The Life of the Explorer

         This is the true story of an American explorer who went to sea at sixteen in the WWII US Merchant Marine. he found himself in a number of historically important places worldwide, during pivotal times in history. Afterward, he became the Radio Officer of the Finn Ronne Antarctic Expedition. Later, he took a job in Afghanistan, and later became a member of the Fairservis Archaeological Expedition. In all, he was in Afghanistan for five years.  This was simply the beginning. Lawrence DeWolfe Kelsey found ways to continue exploring, to serve his country and to serve man, whatever he did. He never ceased exploration, and learning throughout his long life. Lawrence DeWolfe Kelsey was also my father.

     My third book, and first novel is

    Portsoy Woods

  My first book was:

  Rational Preparedness: A Primer to Preparedness

It hit the market on October, 2012.

  Buy the RATIONAL PREPAREDNESS book on Amazon at this link

   This book was written for individuals and families who need to get prepared for normal disasters and emergencies. This brief text is designed to allow a family to prepare a significant amount in the space of one weekend.


 The following month, at the end of November, 2012, what is considered my second book hit the market.

"What I Learned from Daniel" is the story of the life of my youngest son, his sudden and inexplicable passing and the survival of myself, my husband and his siblings in the life which follows.   It is a true story about love, joy, loss, bereavement, faith, survival, and completing the clock here ourselves.  The best description I have heard about this book is that it's about emotional survival and inspiration. 

          It was actually written prior to and during "Rational Preparedness" and was actually delivered to the publisher first.  It had a different editing team and therefore  took longer in copy editing and formatting at the publisher, and was therefore released one month afterward.

What I Learned from Daniel is available worldwide and can be ordered from almost any bookseller. Probably most easily it can be obtained from:

 On Amazon Softcover:




Kindle variety: http://www.amazon.com/What-I-Learned-Daniel-ebook/dp/B00AF4X70Q/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1354228900&sr=1-1&keywords=What+I+Learned+from+Daniel+++++kindle

At Barnes and Noble:


Nook is also available..

Other outlets worldwide will follow.

Book Reviews on those sites are always appreciated !

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